2024-06-11 FSCA General Meeting Agenda

General Meeting June 11th, 2024

Location: FWC Southern Regional Office 8535 Northlake Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33412

The gathering and setup begin at 6:30 pm.

Time: Dinner at 7:00 pm, meeting at 7:30 pm, and running until 9:30 pm9:30 pm. 

General Meeting Agenda

Pledge (All)

Opening remarks (Matt Nelson)

Treasurer Report (Mark Dombroski)


Old Business

  1. Broward Show  (Justin Lovelette / Tommy McGoldrick) 

  2. Arthur Marshal Ranger Day (Tommy McGoldrick) 

  3. Corbett 10-year meeting (Bishop Wright / Matt Nelson)

  4. LOAA Trash fish tournament (Jamie Mellette)


New Business

  1. Father’s Day shoot. (Steve Stroh)

  2. FSCA 30th reunion (Bishop Wright) 

  3. FWC pre-hunting season meeting (Matt Nelson) 

  4. Hunter safety instructor class (Matt Nelson) 

  5. Youth hunt dates (Hunt-Masters) 

  6. Wrac Meeting (Matt Nelson)
  7. FAA banquet  (Bishop Wright) 

  8. Website updates  (Joe Rabena)

  9. Membership drive Matt Nelson 

  10. Items not on the Agenda


Adjournment is No Later Than 9:30 PM

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