Right to Fish and Hunt Amendment #2


Matt, Joe, and Bishop joined a group of ranchers, conservationists, and sportsmen at an event with Travis and Mike. This gathering led them to Marco Island to support the Right to Fish and Hunt Amendment #2. As a state representative, Lauren Melo has championed this amendment and other conservation efforts like WERP and Lake Okeechobee. Lauren’s commitment to Florida’s Sportsmen makes supporting her and the amendment an easy choice for many.


While most outdoor enthusiasts are wary of constitutional amendments, spreading the word and voting yes on Amendment 2 this year is crucial. Many people don’t realize the threats to hunting and fishing, but these activities are under attack in at least 12 other states. Getting informed, voting, and encouraging others to vote yes on Amendment 2 is essential.


Wes Bates, founder and CEO of Stanley Steemer, hosted the event. He is a dedicated sportsman and member of the International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR). Luke Hilgemann, the Executive Director of IOTR, encouraged Lauren to champion the right to hunt and fish.


President Theodore Roosevelt pioneered the North American Model of Conservation, emphasizing the importance of hunters in conservation efforts. Now, the right to hunt and fish in America is under threat. Some politicians and activists aim to eradicate hunting, jeopardizing Roosevelt’s conservation vision. Hunting funds 75% of conservation efforts, but restrictions and bans threaten this funding.


A constitutional amendment provides the most substantial legal protection against anti-hunting efforts. Currently, 23 states have established a right to hunt and fish, with Vermont being the first in 1777 and Utah the most recent in 2020. Establishing this right tactically defends against anti-hunting legislation and litigation.


Conservationists in Florida are stepping up to protect this legacy, pushing back against those who don’t understand the sport and upholding the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Securing the right to hunt and fish in every state will help grow the sport, welcome new hunters, and protect the lands set aside by our founding fathers.