To whom it may concern,

I am writing to formally request several rule changes about hunting regulations in specific wildlife management areas (WMAs) as well as statewide changes, as outlined below:

Fred C. Babcock/Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area:

Rule Change:

  • Establish a Muzzleloader hunt between the Archery and Gun seasons, utilizing the same access permitted during the archery hunt. Vehicle use is limited to only named or numbered roads. Staff would recommend the quota for this hunt.

Request for Change:

  • FSCA leadership believes there is ample opportunity for this hunt, and it wouldn’t result in over-harvesting, given the quota and antler restrictions.

JW Corbett WMA:

Rule Change:

  • Allow off-road Vehicle use during deer dog training season but limited to the area south and east of Stumpers Grade.

Request for Change:

  • FSCA leadership believes limited access has hindered the ability to take advantage of deer-dog training season opportunities.

Rule Change:

  • Extend camping in JW Corbett WMA seven days after gun season’s last


Request for Change:

  • FSCA leadership believes that extending camping would allow users to enjoy the entire hunting season, including the last weekend, without breaking down camp immediately after the season ends.


Rule Change:

  • Limit only the first 14 days of the spring turkey season in all FWC-managed areas to residents.
  • Implement resident-only permits for the first quota draw during the spring turkey season. The second phase quota would be open to everyone. This change would not apply to private land; it would only be public land set aside for the residents to enjoy, who pay the taxes for this opportunity. Both zones (north of Highway 70 and south of Highway 70)

Request for Change:

  • FSCA leadership emphasizes the overwhelming interest from non¬≠residents in pursuing the Osceola turkey, which impacts residents’ ability to hunt in their state. Limiting the initial period to residents would provide them a fair opportunity to enjoy turkey hunting in Florida.

These proposed changes aim to improve access, fairness, and enjoyment of hunting opportunities for residents while ensuring sustainable management practices.

Thank you for considering these requests.

Matt Nelson



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